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‘DON’T JUDGE A  BOOK  BOY BY  ITS COVER  HIS FACE’. That’s what it said on the back of the book and that is what caught my attention. I started to read it and I got completely absorbed in it from the first page. I just couldn’t put it down! From the start, I knew that it would be one of those books which give you a special feeling.

It is about a ten year old boy, August, who has a distorted face and his life- how he wants everyone to know that he thinks and feels like an ordinary boy, even though he may not look like one on the outside. It is about how he overcomes challenges like going to school, teasing and ignorance. It is about how his parents love him unconditionally, how his big sister stands up for him, how his friends support him and how his enemies pretend that he carries a communicable disease. You get to know what he feels and how he deals with his life. He wants people to treat him normally, not like a child with “special needs”.

This book touched my heart. I laughed when he laughed, I felt heartbroken when he was sad and I felt furious when he was teased. The author has written it so well that I felt like a spectator and that the story was playing out in front of my eyes. I loved how parts of the story were narrated by different characters. It was an interesting idea as I got to know the same incidents from other characters’ point of view. All the characters were unique and there was something original about each one of them. Another intriguing thing was that the author wrote on such a difficult topic without making everyone feel sorry for the boy. I don’t want to give away any more of the story. I end this review by saying that anyone looking for a good read should definitely try it out as it is just like its title- a wonder.

Manya Kapoor

Grade 7

P.S.This is the author’s first book and I’m hungry for more.

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