When Spring Came To My Garden

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August 22, 2012 9:28 am

When I stirred one morning from my sleep,

Into my garden I heard someone creep.

First I thought it was the gardener, so early in the morning,

But when I heard the lilting laughter that was following,

I thought, “Surely the gardener couldn’t laugh like that, nor could the trees, or the birds, or even the cat!”

I tiptoed into the garden, and was spellbound,

To see giggling flowers all around.

Some pretty flowers, purple and red,

Nodded at me from the pansy bed.

Enchanting roses, yellow and pink,

Were too beautiful to even think!

Then, I realized who had tiptoed into the garden!
Whose presence had made everything seem heartened.

It was, I knew for so many reasons,

The cheerful queen of all the seasons.

And when I called out, my voice had a ring,

“Mom! Dad! It’s finally spring!!”

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