What freedom means to Me

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August 22, 2012 9:23 am

The first thought on freedom,

Fills me with,

A spirit that,

Allows me to be,

What I want to be.

Whether it is to sing or dance,

To play Tabla or Sitar,

Make sketches or posters,

Freedom is the chance to do just what I want to.

I must confess that I also want freedom

From continuous reviews and tests,

From working too hard,

From yearning to rest.

I also want to be free

From others trying to bully me.

From being told

Oh Junior!

Follow what we say

Or be prepared

To become the laughing stock of the day.

How much I want freedom

From  sense of anger and frustration!

From the feeling of occasional humiliation.

But as I turn my mind

Over and over again,

I realize that by pointing fingers at others

There is little to gain.

Let me once again think

What  freedom should mean to me.

Can it ever come without a sense of responsibility?

It is fine to let the spirit soar

But freedom should not let me ignore

Issues that require my active participation,

At home, at school and in my neighbourhood.

The opportunity to walk free

Should not mean I hit anybody.

Freedom to give a speech

Should not hurt anyone’s sensibility.

The freedom to sing and dance

Should give me a chance

To expand my circle of friends

And to extend a helping hand.

I think the  right to ask for things

Should be clubbed with a sense of duty.

I think now I know what freedom means to me.


Ami Sahgal, VI-A.

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