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July 13, 2012 9:52 am

Truly, truly, the heading speaks for itself. The most anticipated smartphone in the samsung galaxy series is out!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a truly marvelous phone, which is inspired by nature. Its 4.8″ super Amoled screen, 1.4 GHz quad.core processor, full HD (1080p) recording and playback, and 8MP camera are out of the world.

Samsung has also popped in some new, never-seen-before features, including Smart Stay, Best Shot, and Pop up Play.

With Smart Stay, the screen will not dim as long as the person is looking at it. Only when the eyes are off the phone, shall it dim/close, which can be classified as a useful feature in case you fall asleep while watching a video, or browsing the web.

The Best Shot, of course. The Galaxy S3’s outstanding camera has the capability of taking 8 speedy shots in a row and automatically suggest the best one out of them. The user has the option of choosing the picture the phone suggested, or choose his or her own. This is not the case in the HTC One, which rudely chooses the best one out of the 8 photos and does not give you a chance to choose another, in case you don’t like it.

Pop up play allows the user to watch a video, and text message or browse the web or do other stuff simultaneously.

With these awesome features, however, are some careless flaws. The material on the back of the phone is not great. First of all, it is unnecessarily elastic. A baby could easily think of it as a toy and mess around with it. It also catches fingerprints easily. Secondly, the home screen button. It is not the type of home screen button a good phone should have. It is tacky, and bounces back every time you press it. Samsung could have perhaps taken inspiration from the Apple iPhone’s home screen button. And finally, the microphone is located on the back of the phone. Consequently, its volume will reduce if you keep the phone normally on a desk.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a phone worth buying. It feels good in the hands because of its curves, and comes with many accessories.

My thumbs up to Samsung!

Zubin John

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  • Nishant Vinayak


  • shreyash nigam


  • shagun sood

    I love this phone because it has all the feature that i want from it

  • Arjun Verma

    Isn’t pop up play basically multi-tasking? What makes it so different from other phones?

    • sifat sawhney


    • Ishan Tewari

      Pop up play multitasking is different from the current type of multitasking found in phones as it can be considered as “true” multitasking. Current phones just run applications in background in a suspended state.So no major code execution or processing happens whereas in the new S3 applications do get executed. Whatever state it is in, it just freezes like that ,as it is. On opening it again it reloads and comes to this previous state. So like if i’m viewing a video a it suddenly get bored of watching it i can open another video while the previous one buffers in the background, in the form of a new resizable window. It basically makes it more desktop like and is pretty advanced.

    • I think it is going to be like the multitask of windows 8, you can open two applications side by side and work on them

    • shreyash nigam

      according to me there is actually no difference. i think that samsung is doing it to

      A) make their phone famous so everyone bus it (its all about hardware)

      B) i am not sure of this but pop up display might not be available in other android phones so samsung being a hardware company just want to show off that “look, we are a hardware company and we can even build software. you all are just a bunch of losers (although this trick won’t work on apple who are their biggest competitors :-) )

  • Ishan Tewari

    In my reply the video part is about the S3 whereas the freezing bit is about what happens in other older phones.

  • arjun-its the first time its actually been introduced! some great phones don’t have it..!!

  • ayan bhattacharya

    dude i think that the iphone is better than this

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