The Mission of Utmost Secrecy

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September 10, 2012 6:02 pm


“Shh! Can’t you be quieter, Jess?!” I whisper-cried.

“Shh! Can’t you be quieter, Jess?!” Jess said, mimicking me, “Oh Lord, when will this foreign accent of yours go? You sound like those tourists. Hai!”

As much as I love my best friend Jess (or Jamsinder, if you so prefer), she just got on my nerves sometimes—especially when she mimicked my slightly British accented Hindi.

“Shut it,” I replied, “You’re just jealous I’m leader this time and not you. And don’t argue back and waste time—that’s an order.” Jess stuck her tongue out at me and we continued creeping down the hall. This was another YGFTOMS (you’ll find out the full form later) mission, but we usually just called ourselves Tom Girls. The prissy, pretty representation girls called us TG’s, even though it wasn’t like they could or would do a single mission in their whole lives.

Our location was the Syodha’s house. We reached the room safely, without a soul seeing us.

“Stay on the lookout Jess, and don’t mess up. You have my permission to communicate and disappear during disturbances. OK?”I asked.

“Fine, fine. Do a good job, ok?”She replied.

I nodded and crept into the room. The pungent smell of male deodorant, unwashed clothes, and dishes hit me the minute I entered. I held my nose and surveyed the room. Suddenly, I saw a flash of a very familiar colour amongst all the man-ness. I picked up a pile of stinky clothes to reveal exactly what we needed. I resisted the urge to put things back on the shelves and clean up like I usually did when a horror like this came and crept out.

I held the item proudly out to Jess. She grinned and we both crept out. Once we were safely away, we high-fived and I looked at the time.

“It’s already 10:45! We’ll never get to the Headquarters before 11 if we walk!”I wailed.

Jess grinned and replied, “Well, luck certainly is on our side today. Firstly, you are our leader.” She gave me a dissatisfied look and then grinned again, “And secondly, Ma gave me a dual-scooter today! Nice, no?” She produced a folded scooter which she quickly assembled. Before I could say or do anything, she cried that she would steer. Reluctantly, I held on to her as we rushed to the HQ.

We reached just in time and brandished the item we had found to our boss. The client was already there, and she cried happily as she took the treasure from our hands.

Boss shook our hands and said, “Again, Jess and Jackie, you have done the Young Girls For The Organization of Missions of Secrecy (That’s the full form—I told you that you would find out soon enough!) Proud. Congratulations, girls!” We shook hands, and I looked at the happy five year clutching what we found—a cute fluorescent pink teddy.

Rhea Kamath
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