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September 16, 2012 6:16 am

Those tiny little blunders
That send you flying off the wall
They seem monumentally huge
When they are not that big at all.

And when I try to get things right
You turn back round again
To slap me flat across my face
So that my cheek will never look the same.

Your back is what faces me now
When I want to apologize to your face
When I really did nothing wrong at all
Except wish for your embrace.

But the request spilled off my tongue
And you got offended
Thinking I was asking for pity
Much worse than I intended.

Next was to draw blood
Out of where you hadn’t before
Finding somewhere new undoubtedly
Until you hadn’t settled the score

What you failed to understand is
This wasn’t really a game
When my body fails endurance.
You’ll only have yourself to blame

Yet the malevolent instinct grows in you
It won’t end with just me
What will stop you from having more children
And continuing your apathy

It may be an addiction
That plagues your sick mind
Trying to spread that plague
To children of your own kind

Remember, it started with me
When you read this moments before
Your own end reached the doorstep
Knocking loudly on your door.

By Priyamvada Chaudhary 10 C

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