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September 4, 2012 12:52 pm

A relationship that starts at the age of five
And another thirteen years it has to survive
And then ensues a journey of give and take
Not apparent at first, but for our future’s sake.

When you give me effort, I give you my dedication
When I falter, I will need your motivation
If I’m lost, you’ll lend me guidance
And in this way we form an alliance.

Where a basic understanding is established between you and I
That nothing will stop me from reaching the sky
Only if every day that we come to school
We put in all our energy, every joule.

In making every second count in preparation for
What follows after we walk out of this door
Where no one like you is there by my side
When the hard-hitting realities of life start to collide

There won’t be someone to walk up to and ask
If the decisions I make are doing justice to the task
Unlike in the classroom where if I lose my way
You explain to me the answer even if it takes all day

And for that I would like to thank you for all the days, hours, and minutes you give
Selflessly determined to make our lives worth to live
Despite constant depreciation and a hard time
Your endurance and perseverance is sublime

10 years later when we will leave the education system behind
The only thing that will follow us to the end
Are the wonderful humans you made us into and something pinching us at the back of our heads
That we didn’t thank you enough before the opportunity was dead.

Priyamvada Chaudhary

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