Road Rage

August 6, 2012 1:02 pm

Road Rage

Ting tong! Rang the bell. Soon Jacob, Sam’s friend rushed towards Sam’s room. He was pale with fear.

Jacob called out, “Sam, where are you? Please help me.” Jacob’s call surprised Sam. Jack quickly ran down the stairs and asked,

“What’s the matter Jacob?” Jacob told Sam about his argument with a few college boys regarding speeding up of his car. They also threatened him that they will kill him. Sam calmed Jacob offering him a glass of water.

Sam recalled his threatful experience of road rage and decided to share it with him. Sam started, “It was two years back. I was driving with Max. Suddenly we noticed a truck trying to overtake our car. Max asked me to increase the speed of the car. We both were in a mood not to let the driver overtake us. Suddenly, the truck banged into our car. The car turned over hitting Max badly. I noticed that Max was bleeding profusely. I managed to come out of the car and cried for help. It was a lonely road so nobody came to help. Few minutes of excitement took away my dear friend forever. From that day I realized that road rage can sometimes be life threatening.”

Sam’s eyes  were filled with tears. Jacob said, “Dear friend, your experience is an eye opener for all who are overcome with road rage. From now onwards I promise not to put my life in danger any more.”

Moral : Speed thrills but kills !

By Kirti Arora


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