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August 6, 2012 1:11 pm

Life Of A Dog

I was born to a bull Terrier in a rich house. When the owners came to know about me they were furious. They just picked me up and threw me in the drain. They believed I had no purpose. I was a pure breed, beautiful, innocent, little puppy. I roamed the streets of Manhattan exploring the world, waiting to be found and adopted. People referred to me as stray, until a little girl picked me up from the snow covered streets. She took me home, bathed me, wrapped me in a blanket, fed me and put me to bed in a little basket stuffed with cushions and a warm woolen quilt. She had adopted me.

She named me Brownie and I wasn’t stray any more. The little girl was very nice. Mary, was her name. My life had changed, forever. I was a fully grown bull terrier, adopted by the Johnsons. My feelings for Mary were strong-full of love and affection. I was Brownie, the dog of Mary Johnson, leading a happy life.

Khushi Bhasin,

7th C

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