Interpretation of Triumph of Bacchus

July 5, 2012 3:00 pm

The scene in the exquisite oil painting is situated in a meadow. The rocky mountains border one part of the scenery, they are painted in shades of yellow and ochre, which suggests that soon night is going to fall and the beauty of the mountains will get engulfed in the darkness.

The colors the artist has chosen give the painting a very earthy feel. It looks as if the shades of colours are used to mark the significance of the characters. Some characters are painted with dull shades whereas some others are painted with bright yet subtle colours. By doing this, he has made sure that some characters in the painting attract more attention than the others.

In my opinion, the artist wants the spectator’s attention to first go to the person sitting in the middle, that is the reason he is shown to be the fairest of them all and the colours that are used to paint him give an idea that he is illuminated. This man is also of a lot of importance as he is crowning the person who is bowing at his feet.

The five men sitting next to him show a lot of different emotions. Some of them look elated, whereas, it looks as if some are not so enthused about what is happening. One of these men is holding his hat in front of his face, which makes it evident that he does not appreciate the scene and does not want to look at it.

Another man who is sitting half-naked on the left of the main character, wearing a wreath and holding a glass of wine shows that this man is a part of what is happening and that is the reason he is toasting to it. Even though he isn’t painted in colours as bright as the man sitting in the middle, the shades that are used to paint him show that he too is of some importance.

The man who is crouching down at the edge of the painting is painted in dark shades like a silhouette. He is bowing his head in a form of respect.

All the characters, when seen together, look as if they are part of a celebration, this is made clear by men who are sitting and holding drinks. They are all talking about the coronation.

The man who is coronation has a very angelic look about him. According to me, he is an angel who is here on earth rewarding the hard work done by common man. The fact that he could be something supernatural explains why it looks as if he is illuminated. It can also be explained by the fact why people are bowing at his feet.

The reason why the men look so happy can be explained by saying that they are either waiting for their turn for the coronation or are there to make a good impression on the angel.

A factor that signifies the fact that the scene is that of a celebration is that almost all the men are drinking, the sun is going down and mostly all the celebrations happen at night.

Vamika Sachar

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