My Geometric Mom

July 26, 2012 2:17 pm

My mother’s face is round

With eyes

That spy

A nose

That knows

And ears

That hear

Mischief a mile away


My mother’s mouth has many shapes

A fine

Grim line

Is usually

A sign

There’s trouble in store today

A half-round

Turned down

I’ve always


A hug can chase away

But the turned-down

Half round

Turned right


Means good times are on the way


My mother’s workbag is a boring rectangle

With piles of files

And all the miles

She collects on her trips away


But my mother’s other bag is an exciting square

With lipstick bits

And sewing kits

A comb and keys

Some recipes

And best of all

The treats she brings

Each too-long working day.



Anahad Singh

7th D

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