My First Week at School

August 3, 2012 6:36 am

Wednesday, 24th July, 2012


Dear diary,

My first week at school was obnoxious. Let me tell you about it. How could my friends do this to me? Was I that rude? Or were they just jealous? This started when I entered my class on a lazy morning after the long and relaxing summer break in the chilling pool. I saw my friends laughing and hugging each other as they were meeting after so many days of relaxation and of course bearing the burden of the homework that we got, especially Mathematics! So, as I was saying, that I saw them with each other, but guess what ?! When they saw me, they stopped laughing, hugging and talking. They waited for two seconds and then burst out laughing; yes! Alright! I was in two ponies, but was that the way they had to react?

Then the whole week they laughed at me, I had only three friends, and now, I just seemed to be losing them. No! I couldn’t let this happen! How could I lose my friends? So yes, I can and I will get my friends back. No matter how much struggle that needs.

Kashni Kapoor

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