My Amazing Friends

August 20, 2012 11:40 am

They’re there when I laugh,
They’re there when I cry,
My friends cheer me up,
Tell me to once again try.

They may be totally bonkers,
They may be totally mad,
But then, they ARE my friends,
And for that, I’m really glad.

We may call each other names,
We may say we don’t care,
But still, we look out for each other,
For our friends, we’ll always be there.

We have the wildest times, us friends,
And go completely crazy.
Sometimes, we have so much fun,
The days after, we’re really lazy.

We talk for hours and hours on end,
And still never know when to stop.
We talk about NONSENSICAL stuff,
Even the exact colour of our tops!

And then, of course, there are those friends,
When I REALLY need something done,
They only exist in times of crisis,
That time, they’re no.1!

But good friends or not,
They’re still my friends.
So, here’s to amazing friendships,
and experiences that never end!

Rutvi Zamre


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