Moving Towards Independent Living

July 31, 2012 4:40 am

The first overnight stay as part of the integrated FLE programme (NIOS curriculum) was

put into action on Friday 20th July. This trip included students of Mid Sen A, Mid Sen B and of course the students of NIOS.

The new kids on the block were as enthusiastic as the rest. Shraddha, Mann, Apaar and Hitesh could not believe that school trips were not restricted to museums alone.

It was an action packed day, with eager children ready to have fun with friends and taste independence away from home.

(1.) Shagun, Apaar and Aditya  (2.) New Friends – Shagun and Shradhha (3.) Namasya and Amartya 

Figure (4.) and  (5.) What A Splash We Made!


SHIVA’S MAIDEN POOL VENTURE – first my feet and then all of me…

Young adults making independent choices, learning money management and how to negotiate in a social environment.


High tea in a mall, as good as it gets –  we get to order what we want!!!!

In The Subros guest house. Palpable excitement and bonhomie till a friendly banter broke out to occupy the ‘best room”.


A tussle for the “BEST room – and the girls’ grins say it all!


Once the children settled down in their allotted rooms and finished unpacking, they were involved in team building activities through enjoyable games.

OBSTACLE RACE – everything is possible when there are good friends to guide

“CHULLU BHAR PAANI – a light hearted relay followed by the great dunk!!!!!






After a flurry of activities, you’d think the children would be tired and drop off to sleep…NAH! No chance

“Ma……aa…m! We don’t want to sleep…“It’s too early to sleep”


Fine, so let there be a feedback time……OH! No!

Thankfully, they finally did go to sleep and we snatched a few hours of rest as well.

The next morning, we are up bright and early [no signs of fatigue as opposed to school days!]

Not so much excitement in packing as in unpacking

Packed and fed….


All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

All good things must come to an end if they are to retain their magic….till next time then…

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