Meet Sarcoma

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September 9, 2012 2:44 pm


All failed in my case
And all that it left in its place
An intolerant sarcoma in all its haste
To which my body has been left to waste.

The saccharine soup is served for dinner
A chocolate ice cream for dessert
Hooked back up to the midwife
So that to avert.

If it just arrived a few years late
Then Sarcoma would’ve been happy
And so would I
That the moments that led up to when I die
Could be swollen with marks that would turn into scars.

The awful filling of my lungs
Improperly done
With an overpowering hunger
And straying thoughts
Hunger equals heave
All I can do is concentrate to not

The memory of me now behind bars
Without the possibility of losing it
A fear inside me that it will still get lost

I fear Oblivion

Sarcoma faces Oblivion everyday
And now so will I.

Priyamvada Chaudhary
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