iPhone 5, Underwhelming Or Overwhelming?

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September 15, 2012 2:32 pm

Apple iPhone 5

After months and months of anxious anticipation, on September 12th at the Yerba Buena in San Francisco, Apple Inc. finally launched the iPhone 5—the world’s lightest and thinnest smartphone. The Apple event also featured the launch of the 5th generation iPod touch, 7th generation iPod Nano, EarPods, and an entirely new iTunes interface.

The crowd was ecstatic and, along with many other iPhone fans around the globe, so was I. The buildup was massive; I personally followed the event from three different sources! There were probably a thousand seeds on the web, if not more, covering the event, including live blogs and graphic streams. Earlier that morning, Apple leaked a few links pertaining to the iPhone 5 on their website to increase the hype. As a matter of fact, the internet here in Delhi was crammed with way too much traffic. This resulted in slow transmission of data, and so, certain websites weren’t even accessible; that was what the web traffic was like at 1 in the morning—no wonder we had students yawning away in school!

Soon, the stage was set; numerous live bloggers and correspondents were seated inside the Yerba Buena. The event began with Tim Cook’s vapid address to the audience about the latest achievements of Apple, and, in my opinion, ended on an ungrateful note as none of the presenters spared a moment to thank the man who wasn’t physically present but whose aura is undoubtedly perpetual. I was disappointed.

So, the iPhone 5, with its stunning looks (full glass and aluminum body) and ultrafast communication capabilities, does make a marvelous mobile handset. The device runs Apple’s new A6 CPU, with the new processor being 22 percent smaller than the A5 chip, and claims to be more power efficient. Some other specs of the iPhone 5: an all new iOS 6, 4 inch retina display screen 326 ppi, enhanced audio systems, a new 8-pin lightning connector (which is also the cause of the angst of millions around the world), LTE, 8 magapixel iSight camera which incorporates panorama, improved Siri, Turn-By-Turn navigation, facebook integrated all throughout iOS6, which is out on September 19. It is now lighter, faster and smarter. This list can go on folks; the iPhone 5 has got it all!

“It’s overrated”, “I’m underwhelmed”, “Didn’t live up to our expectations”, “Doesn’t make sense to get it if you’ve got the 4S”—I have been hearing all this since the launch and reading blogs on the web which say, “iPhone 5? Nah, nothing great!”

Personally I feel that while the iPhone 5 lacks that extraordinary edge, it’s still the juggernaut! The 4 inch retina display screen makes it special, as does its sleek design and killer looks. The A6 chip in it makes it faster than any of its predecessors; it is the lightest Smartphone ever, the camera is fantabulous as well. Everybody has their own opinion about the device and I respect that, but for me, this is “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”, as quoted by Apple Inc. I am delighted to see this phenomenal Smartphone, a device built with remarkable precision. You can now pre order for the iPhone 5 and it will be shipped to over 100 countries by the end of this year.

Widespread rumors suggest that Samsung is all ready to sue Apple for the iPhone 5, claiming that iPhone 5 infringes on Samsung’s 4G LTE patterns. And so, we can expect another tech war! The strife between these giants began earlier this year, when Apple sued Samsung for a whooping billion dollars.

That’s all for now—I shall keep you guys updated with upcoming technologies. Thank you!

Ashwin Malik


Image Source: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/methodshop/7400998710/]

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  • i wish you explained the features in para 4 because it’s all greek and latin to me. but loved the part about samsung wanting to sue apple that would be hilarious now wouldnt it?

  • Yeah Arjun, Samsung was battered by Apple! And now all they want is revenge! Apple has been known for their authenticity and so all Samsung can do is cry like a baby!

  • For the last para apple won the case

    Also I would just like to tell you that Samsung removes the quad core processor and replaces it with a dual core snapdragon s4 to enable 4g in the us or any other 4g supporting country whereas apple’s A6 as well A5x and A5 support all networks (except for 4g the A5 supports all ) that’s why apple dosen’t do any changes to their processor for enabling 4g so that if India gets 4g support you can update but with the s3 you are stuck so while comparing the s3 with the i5 be sure to choose the 4g s3 as a 3G phone vs 4g wouldn’t be fair if there is a 4g version available for the 3G phone

    And one more thing the geek bench results are the s3 scored 1605 and the i5 scored1770.

    • But let me also tell you when samsung replaces the processor they also upgrade the ram to 2gb and going into details it even has a better resolution

  • 2 million the first day breh. Doubled the last iphone sales in the same time frame.

  • Economists predict a rise in the GDP of the states due to Apple Inc. Phenomenal!

  • Well…yes Iphone 5 is awesome..I think its amazing…But apple has limited some of its amazing ios 6 and iphone 5 features only to US…..i think they should spread it to all the countries.eg. india is going to get in the next 1 year…In ios 6 India wont get turn by turn navigation…..there is no use of improved Siri because you can’t make reservations in India afterall…and that is why I feel Iphone 5 would be much more amazing if we could get all this in india….

  • 5 million on the first weekend ……
    Thats a quarter of the number of gs3’s sold in 3 months …….

  • Will soon do a write up on iPhone 5 Vs S3!

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