Into the Rain

August 22, 2012 9:10 am

Stepping out from within the dark,
He appeared like a bolt from the blue.
His steps resembling a stalking tiger’s,
His face nobody knew.

He melted into the night’s shadows,
not a soul was on the streets.
The only sound breaking the eerie silence,
Was the crumble of cobbles under his feet.

The rain came down in sheets,
but not a difference it made to him.
He kept running into the downpour,
His silhouette bulky yet slim.

The dues he owed were done with;
His time had come to run away.
Run until he was forgotten,
away till night turned to day.

His tears fell no more,
the masks he wore hid his pain,
and so he ran, on and on,
He ran away, into the rain.

Debansu Mukhopadhyay


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