Independence Day

August 30, 2012 1:09 pm


For the modern generation (including me!), Independence is playing on our PSPs, it is watching MTV till ten’ o clock without our parents shouting their heads off, it is…indeed, the list is long. Of course, when teachers tell us to write the meaning of independence, which they have selected to give to us as a word that is a part of the words and meanings, we obviously wont write MTV, PSP, iPods, or Badminton. We would go by the meaning given in the dictionary—”free from the control or influence of others”.

Now the question arises, are we really independent? You would say, “Sure we are. We gained independence about sixty years ago, in 1947. Hello, good morning! Where have you been?”
I would call that a mini history lecture from the mouth of a student. Well then, expect my answer to be: “Each of you is wrong. We have freed ourselves from the British but we have not, mind you, have not been able to free ourselves from something that is worse (according to my books) than the British.” You may all be curious and ask, “What?”
The correct answer to that is corruption or, as we say in Hindi, Bhrashtachar. We Indians are not even trying to fight back but instead we are enjoying its benefits. Sorry, did I say benefits? I meant various methods of cheating. One day when my mother sent me to buy vegetables, I noticed that the vegetable vendor had secretly put a 500 gram weight in the veggie basket that I was about to take my carrots and cucumbers in. The more the weight, the more the money. Now what do we call that? Isn’t that cheating good people? This not only the case with dishonest vegetable vendors but with ministers who are supposed to be taking care of us. Who eats up all the public’s money and fills it into their own pockets? The ministers, of course! Who intentionally increase the price rates for almost everything in our country? The ministers, of course! Even people who, according to their professions, are supposed to do good for mankind have taken up dishonest practices. Doctors, for example, have started to settle in urban areas rather than in the rural areas where people really them. Doctors also prescribe patients (both rich and poor) branded and costly medicines even if they know that some low cost medicine will do the job equally well.

Why has our country become like this? We need to join hands and fight back. Corruption is a serious problem, but if we work together we can overcome it. Then only can we realize the true meaning of freedom. For me, as I am writing this, freedom means being able to take the right decisions at the right time. For me, freedom is living my life my life as I want to live it, but at the same time keeping up my parent’s name. Freedom for me is eating, playing, sleeping, loving, dressing up the way I want to, basically just being me, and of course, PSPs and MTV!

Madirekshana Chakraborty

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