July 24, 2012 10:43 am

Friends are like the gems on my ring,

Like the stars in the sky,

Like the choc chips in cookies,

Like the patterns on a tie.

So you see without friends everything is bland.

Just take a look behind,

Right there they stand!

It takes some realization,

To know which friend is true,

But I am certain they’ll always be there for you.


Friends are everywhere,

You depend on them,

To me they are my life

I’d die without them.

I’ve said what friends are like

But friends are really more

If you have none in your life

Its like a beach with no shore.


Imagine a world without people,

And Music without a rhythm,

Book without words,

Road without cars.

Somewhat similar are friends

It’s complicated you see,

My world without friends!

Impossible you see.


They help you

When in a problem

They are in my heart with me.

If god were to take friendship away

I’d happily die and go to thee.

You see friends are important

And mean a lot to me.


Tanvi Jain

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