August 22, 2012 9:02 am

Freedom is a state of being free from every kind of injustice; to be free from corruption, poverty and discrimination. That is what is freedom.   What we celebrate on the 15th of August every year is freedom from the British. That doesn’t really mean we are free. We are still dominated by the chains of corruption and discrimination. Freedom can’t be touched or felt, but can be seen.  We know that we have achieved freedom when we see happiness on the faces of those who were once hopeless and never would have thought that they would ever manage to live under a roof and afford even two square meals a day.

When those who were discriminated upon, were victims of poverty, live as free citizens of the country. Who now are no longer looked down on, who are considered equal as the rest of us, who understand freedom in its true sense.  Have we truly achieved freedom? Are we really free? The answer to that question I feel is, we haven’t. We haven’t become what our freedom fighters dreamt us to be of. They wanted India to be truly free, which we aren’t. They wanted every man and woman living in the country to be considered equal, they dreamt of a country where nobody would have to beg for their basic human rights. And this is the country, we as the next generation, must work towards.

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