Discussion Essay: Social Networking & the Youth

August 8, 2012 1:45 pm

Are social networking sites robbing the youth of creativity and social skills, and should parents let their children use them?

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut are gaining a lot of  importance these days. This essay will discuss both the bright and dark sides of social networking. It will be argued that despite its drawbacks, social networking provides a platform for the youth to voice their opinions and broaden their knowledge and connections.

On one hand, social networking has several draw backs. First and foremost, social networking is addictive. There is a certain curiosity that often drives people to keep tabs on what is happening with others, which leads to these sites depriving the youth of their free time. These sites are also said to weaken conversational skills, which are extremely important in the real world.

On  the other hand, social networking has various benefits. Firstly, social networking has made the world smaller and has exposed youth to the rest of the world. For people living in India, people living in countries across the globe, like the USA, are now just a click away. Secondly, social networking has not only made making friends easier but at the same time has helped boost people’s confidence, especially the youth, as the more people they know, the more confidence they will have. Thirdly, the youth can now get their voices heard. The internet is a platform where there are no restrictions and their thoughts and opinions can be viewed by the world. Lastly, social networking sites have brought national and international attention to different issues. People who have something to say now know a place where to say it and a place where they will be accepted and taken seriously.

As can be seen from the above discussion, there are various problems associated with social networking, however the positives outweigh the negatives. Social networking has given the youth a way to state their opinions and has made conversation starting easier in the cyber world rather than in the real world. These sites often motivate the youth to write, record, and do more and thus provoke creativity and help in communication. By limiting the excessive time spent on social networking sites, we can help make social networking a total YES for all age groups, ranging from the youth to the old.

Sakshi Taneja


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