Can Money Buy Happiness?

August 8, 2012 1:36 pm

Money—everyone wants it, works for it, and thinks about it. Nowadays, money seems overrated. Some people work their whole lives to earn “enough”, some steal it, and some worship it! In this essay it will be argued that despite money’s worth, it cannot buy happiness.

On one hand, money can buy materialistic happiness. Firstly, it can make people feel like kings and queens; it can make them popular and bring them fame. Money is like the national anthem of success, and is what many people live for. Secondly, money can cross any boundary, kill any restrictions, and buy anything. Thirdly, people with money have power, and can then easily find ways to make their voices and opinions heard. For example,  in the French Revolution the richer sections of society had power and money and could thus start a revolution.

On the other hand, money cannot buy us peace and contentment. Firstly, people with money are lonely at heart. The famous have friends who are two sided and always coax them. The famous may be good at heart but the world is a very bitter and unfair place. At the same time, people cannot match the standards of rich people and thus people with money are generally left alone in this difficult world. Michael Jackson was killed because of his fame, because of people’s jealousy. Secondly, fame and money cannot make people at peace with themselves. They always live in fear! Marilyn Monroe attempted suicide at a very young age; despite being famous she was not contented and she was not happy. So, money can buy things but not feelings!

As can be seen from the above discussion, money can buy things, fame, recognition and, in some cases, happiness. However, people with power, people with recognition, and people with fame are not contented and at peace and are killed or attempt suicide. Thus, money can buy materialistic happiness but cannot give true happiness.

Sakshi Taneja


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