Blame It On Time

August 15, 2012 9:10 pm

            Time is a word we use very casually, without really understanding the depth or meaning that it truly represents. Many people agree with this very simplistic definition of time—time is a way to measure moments using events in a particular day with respect to whether it is or was day or night.

Today however, time is used as an excuse for us to ignore life itself and as a method to avoid doing things that may not appeal to us. It bears the blame for our faults, laziness, lethargy, and uncompleted jobs. “I wish I had more time”, “I’m sorry, but I just didn’t have the time”, or “No time, I am on a tight schedule” are very quick responses or reasons that turn up in our head for things we have not done or do not wish to do.

Time is subconscious. We ourselves must learn to “make time”, as many of us say today, in order to do necessary  or important things. We sometimes get so caught up in life that we actually forget to live it and enjoy every moment of it, be it good or bad, and often blame that on time too.

If one cares enough to do something, time can always be “made”!


By Ayushi


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