Apple, The Juggernaut Is Back!

September 11, 2012 3:31 pm

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Yes folks, gear up to witness the almighty of its kind, the invincible! History will be made at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco when Apple Inc. launches the iPhone5 or the new iPhone tomorrow on September 12th. It’s going to be massive—that’s what came to my mind when I when I first saw the very simple yet classy Apple invitation. A clever piece of designing, twelve with a drop shadow of five—impressive. The world has been anxiously waiting for the i5 for a few months now. The web has been flooded with tons of rumors and numerous videos which allegedly show the novel design or features; some even suggested that the phone would be transparent! All technology aficionados get ready to have fun, maximal fun! We want, of course, a super phone that will leave us all flabbergasted, but being more practical, some basics which are expected of the i5 are the A5X quad-core chip which would result in smoother and more intensified graphics, a new shape with a sleeker design and a longer screen, 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), retina display, and much more! Well, it’s true that you’ll have to pay a fortune in order to purchase the i5 in the first place. In this buzzing tech world, the tussle between mega companies will always play a significant role, and hence Apple needs to maintain its super standards. They have to produce the best in order to stay ahead of their arch rivals, especially Samsung, which took over Apple and gained the biggest share in World Smartphone industry earlier this year. Apple shares have been skyrocketing to $680, and that’s the anticipation for the i5!

Tomorrow night in India, tomorrow morning in San Francisco, tomorrow morning anywhere in the world, make sure you say one line after taking a glimpse of the gorgeous mobile phone of all times, ‘Well done sir’! I hope you all know, he’s looking down, exhilarated!

It’s his hardwork……….Thank you sir.



Ashwin Malik


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  • Mind boggling features apart, we need to wait and watch how it will cope with the android dominated market

  • although the iphone5 blows the s3 and oneX out of the water to me it seems kind of a mixture of s3 and oneX just like the s3 was a copy of iphone4s with a faster processor

  • it looks like apple ave you more than you expected! you wanted A5X they gave you A6, you only wanted LTE the gave you hspa hspa+ 3g and 2g but still most android phones can do that although they lose a lot of battery life and the i5 can run for a whole day with LTE on!

  • iPhone 5 is ace!

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