Andrew Garfield: Truly Amazing!

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September 4, 2012 12:56 pm


To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the previous Spiderman movies, except for the second one, which I thought was decent. I guess that’s because of the way Peter Parker was portrayed by Tobey Maguire—watching him play Spidey made me feel like my soul was being sucked by a dementor. After three movies, Spiderman had become a tired franchise.

The Amazing Spiderman, which was a reboot of the franchise, was so much better in so many ways. Marc Webb’s take on the movie was very contemporary and his vision of Spider-Man’s New York City feels very much like the New York City of 2012. Andrew Garfield was perfect as Peter Parker and as his wisecracking, super powered alter ego.

In the new movie, we get to see the “trickster” side of Peter Parker, with a more punk-rock aesthetic to him as well. Critics believe that Andrew made his character live and breathe in a new way. His last line, where he mutters to Emma Stone sotto voce about promises which one can’t keep being the best kind (with that amazing smile), sent my senses tingling!

Andrew plays Peter as more of a misunderstood outsider, a rebel with a chip on his shoulder, a guy who wasn’t afraid to stand up to the class bully even before he underwent his transformation. His Spiderman is more spider-like, his Peter more awkwardly charming than his predecessor, and no, you CANNOT call me biased.

Also, I think we can all agree that, being younger Andrew is fit to play the role of a seventeen-year-old boy—not to mention the fact that he is drop-dead gorgeous and charismatic. I think the icing on top is the fact that in real life, Andrew has a British accent to die for! I really hope that there is a sequel to this amazing movie and it’s even better than this one (if that’s even possible)!

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