Teacher’s Day Special: An Interview with Richa Ma’am

Teachers' Day
September 4, 2012 12:00 pm

While interviewing Richa ma’am, we found out many interesting things about her!
Here is what we talked about…

SBSmag: Where were you born?

Ma’am: I was born in Delhi, at Safdarjung Hospital.

SBSmag: Please describe your childhood.

Ma’am: I lived in a joint family, and my father was in the army so we travelled a lot. It was a pleasant childhood!

SBSmag: Describe your school life.

Ma’am: I was bad at sports, but did well in studies. I liked my 3rd grade teacher the most. I wasn’t good at singing, and she used to encourage me to sing.

SBSmag: Describe your dreams and how you became a teacher.

Ma’am: I wanted to do research and development in physics for fiber optics and lasers, and I took the GATE exam. But then, I worked as a teacher for one year to save money for higher education and I loved it so much that I decided to continue!

SBSmag: Describe your college experience for us.

Ma’am: I was in college for five years at DU. I was part of the food committee, and we once had a strike due to the bad food. We used to have midnight feasts for which we used to save food from the morning. We once burnt a school while cooking some food! (laughs)

SBSmag: Which places have you lived in?

Ma’am: My family and I have lived in Allhabad, Chandhigar, Udhampur, and here as well!

SBSmag: Have you taught the IB before?

Ma’am: Yes, I have!

SBSmag: What kinds of students do you like?

Ma’am: I like hard working and curious students, and also those who are naughty. (laughs)

SBSmag: What kind of school do you like?

Ma’am: A school with easy camaraderie, low student- teacher ratio, and a good working atmosphere.

SBSmag: What are three things that you would like to change about this school?

Ma’am: Firstly, the location—it is too far from my house! Also, the size of the field, which I think should be bigger, and the sizes of the labs!

SBSmag: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are the things you would like to have with you?


1. Any book, something historical maybe.
2. Friends and family.
3. An internet connection.

SBSmag: Do you like the school food?

Ma’am: I suppose I like it 80% of the time; 20% I don’t due to personal preferences.

SBSmag: Which shows do you watch?

Ma’am: Mainly Big Bang Theory and Animal Planet.

SBSmag: What do you like?

Ma’am: I love festivals—except for the chaos of Holi; I love travelling—I love Goa and Malaysia and I want to see Rome, Egypt, and Moscow—
I like vacations, and love movies, especially action and detective ones. I also like the ocean series.

SBSmag: Did you follow the Olympics?

Ma’am: Yes, I did follow the Olympics.

Thank you for your time, ma’am!

Sukrit and Shivang
Class 10

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