A Teacher

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September 4, 2012 12:47 pm

That one person
Who stays up late at night,
Correcting tests and sheets,
Without even grabbing a bite.

While we laze around the TV,
Munching on our chips,
They read through our poor handwriting,
Inserting crosses and ticks.

They function in such an organised manner,
And ,working twelve hours a day,
Still standing up to the rest of their duties,
Only perfection do they display.

And yet we curse them,
For all the “burden” on us,
And for the homework that we don’t do,
We think they create a fuss

Without realizing
All the hard work it takes to cater
To our understanding,
And put it on mere paper.

They toil and sweat
All the time,
Just to help us
Through our climb.

On this Teachers’ Day, I’d like to thank all of my teachers and mentors.
You have played a large role in helping me come to where I am today.

Guneesha Sawhney, 8C

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