A Memorable Trip To Kolkata

August 30, 2012 12:32 pm

This summer break, we went to Kolkata. We started from Delhi on the 13th of May. I was very happy and excited because I was going to meet my old friends and teachers from my previous school, St. James. We reached Kolkata on the 14th of May.

From the station, we went to my naani’s house and stayed there. She was very happy and excited to see us. The weather was cool as it had rained. After a couple of days, I went to my old friend Shivam’s house. Shivam lives near Sealdah Station. He was also very excited to see me. I stayed with him for one day and one night. He has two dogs. I played cricket with Shivam on the roof. I scored 50 runs. It was a very interesting game. Shivam and his cousin brother took me to Shiraj Restaurant. We went by bike and I enjoyed the pulsar ride. We placed an order there for chicken biryani, rogan josh, tandoori roti, and phirni. The food was delicious!

The next day I came back to Dum Dum. Shivam was sad to say good-bye to me. I also went to another friend Agniva’s house in Salt Lake and  took a chocolate cake as a gift for him. We played cricket for the whole day and then I had lunch with him. I also enjoyed delicious mangoes from the mango tree in his garden. He gave me a white and black t-shirt. Agniva, his elder sister, and his father filled up my question paper on the survey I was doing on ‘’.secularism.

I also went to a small village in Bardhaman District called Mohanpur. Early in the morning, I got up at 4 a.m., even before the alarm rang! Then, I took a bath and naani made tea for us. My mother called a taxi and we went to Howrah Station. My mother bought the tickets and we got into Tarkeshwar local train from platform number 5. We reached Tarkeshwar at 9:50 a.m. and went to Mohanpur by taxi. I had lots of fun as I swam in the Daamodar River. I also did my project on crop management.

It was my birthday on 28th June. My mother bought a chocolate cake for me. There was a party in the evening and everyone enjoyed yummy food like egg rolls, misthi doi, sandesh, and sweet mangoes. In the beginning of our trip, the weather was hot and humid, but then it rained and the weather cooled down.

My trip to Kolkata was very nice and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sattik Chatterjee

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